About Us

Our Story

Spunk was established in 2007, with a focus on sustainable, vintage, and re-sourced clothing and home goods. As the name suggests, Spunk caters to people who have stylistic bravery and spirit. We wish to do our part to lessen the often negative impact of the garment industry on people and the environment. Offering well picked, re-sourced goods is the best form of recycling!

Coming soon to the site are well picked new items that are sustainable or have a positive impact on people. Check in often as we are always releasing new picks!

A selection of items from our vintage collection can be seen at Eclectic CO. on North Tejon Street in the heart of Colorado Springs.

About me, my name is Nickie Frye and I am the owner of Spunk. I am a mother of two. I started treasure hunting with my mom in middle school. My daughter is the pretty girl you see in my photos, so I guess you could say it’s in the genes. When I’m not out picking, I enjoy hiking with my dogs in beautiful Colorado.